Thursday, October 6, 2011

No Smiles

(Dress: Target, Shirt: SO via Kohls, Flats: Target, Belt: Thrifted)

No don't worry because there is nothing wrong. I just realized when I was going through these photos that I tend not to smile very much when I have to take my own picture. Its not because I am mad; I just think that I forget to because Matt isn't trying to make me laugh.

I am so ready for my long weekend. That means I have 4 days off since Monday is a holiday. I need a break becaue I have been 1.) extremely tired lately and 2.) work is not too much fun right now. I mean paperwork and reports are not fun. I wish I could head to the field and just get out of the office. I'm crossing my finger that maybe next week I can.


  1. this is such a great way to wear a summer dress for fall. Is that pokka dots? My favorite! I like the matching belt and shoes. Enjoy your weekend away! See you next week!


  2. I agree with mongs, a fabulous idea for taking summer into fall by layering. The dress is so cute on you. I take my own pictures with a tripod and often notice, too, that I'm look like I'm scowling and it's usually because my husband or son isn't nearby to make me laugh. Then I scratch those photos and retake them, replaying something funny they said or did previously and that helps me relax my face. HA! By and by, nice to meet another thrifty Lady.