Wednesday, October 12, 2011


(Cardigan and Dress: Old Navy, Undershirt: SO via Kohls, Boots: GoJane, Belt and Necklace: F21

Today was an overall good day until the last 20 minutes of my work day. It went from good to bad in a matter of minutes and by the time the clock hit 5 I had had enough. Work can just be that way sometimes. On a good note, a bag of M&Ms was waiting in the car for me and Oscar made me happier when I got home. He is always so excited to see he. And then Matt got home and made everything good again. Thanks loves for making me better. 

Now all I can do is see what tomorrow brings! Hopefully good!

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  1. there's no where better than home isn't it? Work can be hard sometimes, hope things will work out for you! Nice outfit, you look cute in this dress and I like the belt holding the cardi, looks like animal print.