Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rox Game

I love free tickets, but who doesn't love free anything. Even better than free tickets are the free tickets that you get to sit super close. Last Wednesday after work Whitney, Aaron, Matt and I headed up to Denver to watch the Rockies play (one of my favorite things to do). Besides watching baseball, I got to eat on of my favorite ballpark treats. A Sante Fe Dog a.k.a chili cheese hot dog!!!!

I don't understand the girls that get all dressed to go to a baseball game. What should be worn is colors of the team you are cheering on or a t-shirt of the team. (I have a Rockies shirt on under my hoodie. It was getting chilly out when I took the pic.) Why would you wear heels or a skirt? People go the the ballpark to watch a game and not care about a fashion show or what others wear.

Dinger, the Rox mascot, is the best. I love that he is a dinosaur!

Matt and I got to be Carlos Gonzolas for a minute. Of course, Matt imitates a baseball player better than I do.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Dots and Hearts

I have been super busy the last couple of days with work to going to Denver to hanging out with my family while they are in town for the long weekend. I did manage to get some photos taken of an outfit that I wore this past week to work thanks to Matt. Sometimes I have a hard time taking pictures of what I wear because when I have field work I normally wear jeans and a t-shirt or long sleeve shirt. I know that sometimes I get dirty and there is no need to get my nice clothes dirty. So here it the outfit that I put together.

(Cardigan: Old Navy,  Shirt: SO at Kohl's, Skirt: Unknown, Flats: Target)
 I decided that I wanted to have some fun and try some jumping pics. I realized that I need to learn to jump higher and Matt needs to get better at working with the camera. Hopefully we both can get better!

Have a great Friday night!!! Go out and do something fun!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wednesday = Friday

I am super excited for my weekend to start early (a whole 5 days off of work). I get to start my extra long weekend by heading to Denver to watch the Rockies game tonight. YES!!! It is going to be a great start because 1- we got free tickets and who would give those up, 2- I get to spend time with some of my favorite people and 3- ball park hotdogs are the best. Yes,I always have to get one when I go.

This weekend should be fun since my whole fam damily is coming here to visit. I plan on seeing them, playing with my little cousins and taking lost of pictures to share with everyone.

One more field visit and 2 and half hours till I start my long weekend!!! I am counting down the minutes!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bridal Shower

Sunday I hosted a bridal shower from my best friend Whiteny as a maid-of honor should do for her friend. She is getting married in a month and she couldn't be more excited for it. If I were her, I would be happy too after being engaged for a year and a half.The afternoon was spent friends and family, playing some fun bridal games and eating some yummy food.

Whitney, the bride-to-be

The wedding dress game. It was really fun to watch all of the participants.

Ready to open presents. Her wedding rehersal boquet will have a lot of purple ribbon on it.

Yellow cake cupcakes (Whitney's fav) with green and white frosting and sprinkles that I made. Good thing there were some left over for me to take home!!! YUMMY!!!!

By the way, I hope you had a great time Whitney and can't wait for your wedding!

So along with the bridal shower post I thought that is would be a good time to have a style post also. Since it was a bridal shower, I decided that pants and even capris were not going to work unless it was cold out. That morning it was a little chilly out and looked like it was going to rain, but by noon it was warm and the sun was starting to come out from behind the clouds. I thought that this dress would be perfect since it looks very spring like (and around winter has lingered and the flowers are just blooming).
Dress: Old Navy, Cardigan: Target, Belt: Thrifted, Wedges: Old Navy

I have been reading a lot of style blogs and every girl has a pair of shoes similar to these. I kept telling myself that I had to get a pair. I stumbled upon these while stopping to get my boyfriend a t-shirt. Aren't they super cute?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Busy Busy

Since the last time that I posted anything, I have been somewhat busy with running errands to doing things around the house. Plus, Matt has been using the computer a lot to complete some correspondence classes in order to get promoted. He should get done with the soon and hopefully get promoted this month. Keeping my fingers crossed!!!

I wore this outfit to work earlier this week. My job allows everyone to jeans to work whenever you want. I try and wear jeans either 2 or 3 days a week and dress nicer once a week. I do a lot of work in the field when the weather is nice and it is a lot easier to walk around it the weeds and dirt in jeans rather than in a skirt.

 Outfit: Shirt (Loft), Jeans (Old Navy, thrifted), Flats (Target), Belt (thrifted)

Oscar wanted to join in while I was taking pictures. He knows how to work the camera.

Headed to my best friend's bridal shower today. I can't believe that her wedding is only a month away. She has been planning and getting ready for it for a year and a half. It is going to be a good time!!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fall In The Spring?

Sometime I feel like posting the outfits I wore to work and/or everywhere else because they are cute. This is the outfit that I wore on Monday to work. I know that it is fall colors but I woke up and it just felt like fall outside and I really wanted to wear this skirt. I love the pattern on it skirt with the flowers that are on there.  (Sweater: Gap, Skirt: Unknown, thrifted, Flats: Target, Necklace: American Eagle)

Sorry I have not posted this sooner but when I get home from work I really don't want to be on the computer anymore since I am on it all day long. Today was a good day even though the evening was rainy. Oscar was bummed that he didn't get a walk but he will survive. Tomorrow he will get to play with his friend Dagie. They like to run around the house and bark at each other to get the toy the other pup has.

So have a good night everyone. Oscar and I are heading to bed. Nighty night!

A Dog Tale

Oscar and the Bicycle
Before my bike was stolen last year, Oscar and I used to ride around. He would ride in the basket that I got him. I know what you are thinking and no we don't look like the Wizard of Oz. But after the bike was stolen, he didn't get to ride around anymore and I think he kinda missed it. When my brother got back from school, he gave me his old bike. I was so excited because I was so bummed last year when my bike disappeared.

(Last year with the old bike.)

Yesterday, I get the big idea that I will take Oscar down the dirt path that we normally walk and I will ride my bike and Oscar can run free next to me. So I let Osc off the leash and he starts to run next to me while I ride my bike. He runs around some but as I start to pedal faster he begins to chase me. He runs next to my pedal and tries to bite my shoes and pants. I am afraid that I am going to run him over so I stop and pick up Oscar. I put him in my shirt and he pops his head out of the neck hole with mine. I am holding Oscar in my shirt with one hand and with the other I am trying to steer the bike. I have to look quite crazy with this dog up my shirt and attempting to ride my bike so I am glad that no one saw me. Right before we get home, I put Oscar down on the ground and I ride while he runs. Maybe at a later date we will try the whole Oscar and the bike again, but to keep both of us safe I will just go on bike rides alone for now.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Rainy Weekend

So the weather the past couple of days has been pretty dreary. It has been rainy and cold out. I mean it is May and doesn't that normally mean it is suppose to be sunny and getting warmer, but that is not the case here.

In any case, I got all prettied for the boyfriend for a night out in Cripple Creek. You know play some blackjack, slots, and get lots of people watching in (yep, I am a people watcher). But just my luck on a night I get out of some sweats and a tee, we ended up not going because Matt got off of work too late. We end up inviting some people over to play some Wii, eat pizza, and drink some drinks. The night ended pretty early for me because I had a little too much to drink. At least, Matt and his friends had fun the rest of the night. (Jacket: Wet Seal-thrifted, Button up: J. Crew-thrifted, Jeans and Flats: Target)

 This is what Oscar thinks about the outfits. It just gives hims the yawns!!!!

 Saturday night was spent at the baseball field. The Sky Sox were playing the Storm Chasers and we got the tickets for almost free. The game was slow because both of the pitchers were not doing very good and the score by the 3rd inning was 6-6. The weather was miserable due to the fact that it was about 45 degrees out and by the end of the first inning it had started raining. By the time we left, two hours into the game, we are soaked and cold.

(Matt and Jake, my brother, are always cheesin' it up in the pictures. I can never get a good smile out of them.)

The rest of the weekend was spent inside with the exception of me taking Oscar for a short walk and both of us getting really wet. The weekend ended great because I got to spend more time in my sweats and tees and with the boyfriend. Looks like more rain this week so hopefully I won't have to work out in the field too much. Time for bed. Night everyone!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Favorite Things

So the second half of today was great. The first part of the day I spent laying on the couch because I had drank too much last night and had to pay for it this morning. I got to spend time with my family and my boyfriend. Bird Dog BBQ is one of my favorite places to eat and it was a perfect lunch/dinner before we went and watched the Sky Sox play. It was Fort Carson Appreciation Night, therefore Matt got us free tickets. For 4 dollars, we upgraded our seats to sit closer to the field and didn't have to sit on the bleachers. The game started out good but then it started to rain and get colder. By the end of the 4th inning, the 5 of us were soaked and shivering. We decided to leave the game because we were all cold and wet and the Sox were losing at that point. Matt and I got home and popped in a movie, Forrest Gump, which is one of my favorites, and didn't get halfway through the movie before Matt and Oscar were asleep on the couch. They may be sleeping but at least I get to spend time with my favorite person and my favorite dog.

Pictures from the game to come later and other things that were done this weekend. Have a good night!!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Park Time

Oscar loves walks and going to the park. This morning I decided that we would go to the park and walk since it gets boring and repetitive to walk the same route everyday. We jump into the car and head to the park. Before we even park, Oscar is whining to get out of the car and run around. One of his favorite things is to chase the birds that are along the trial; he needs to get better at sneaking up on them though.

It was great to get outside this morning especially since the past couple of days the weather has been so bad with snow, rain and wind. It was actually warm enough this morning to just wear a sweatshirt and track pants.

It seems that all of the plants and been stunted this year because the spring weather has been so unpredictable. The weather is cold one day and hot the next day. The leafs are still small on the trees and the grass is just starting to fill in and be completely green. I am so ready for summer.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


So I have started a blog before and I just couldn't keep up with it. I feel like now I have more time, but in actuality I probably don't. I have started reading some fashion blogs and I want to share some things in my life. So here I go!

 So I want to introduce myself. Hi, I am Cristi and I love that I get to see the beautiful mountains every morning.

This is Matt and he is a wonderful boyfriend. We have spent a lot of time apart in the past year but it is great that he is home now.

This is Oscar and he is 2 years old. He is my very hyper jack-a-poo and loves being outside. He may look like a puppy and normally get called a puppy but he is completely full grown (and only weighs 13 pounds).

To close for the night, I get to wake up every morning, with the exception of this morning, to see this beautiful mountain. This is Pike's Peak and one day I will be in good enough shape to hike this fourteener. Have a good night everyone!!