Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rox Game

I love free tickets, but who doesn't love free anything. Even better than free tickets are the free tickets that you get to sit super close. Last Wednesday after work Whitney, Aaron, Matt and I headed up to Denver to watch the Rockies play (one of my favorite things to do). Besides watching baseball, I got to eat on of my favorite ballpark treats. A Sante Fe Dog a.k.a chili cheese hot dog!!!!

I don't understand the girls that get all dressed to go to a baseball game. What should be worn is colors of the team you are cheering on or a t-shirt of the team. (I have a Rockies shirt on under my hoodie. It was getting chilly out when I took the pic.) Why would you wear heels or a skirt? People go the the ballpark to watch a game and not care about a fashion show or what others wear.

Dinger, the Rox mascot, is the best. I love that he is a dinosaur!

Matt and I got to be Carlos Gonzolas for a minute. Of course, Matt imitates a baseball player better than I do.

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