Friday, May 27, 2011

Dots and Hearts

I have been super busy the last couple of days with work to going to Denver to hanging out with my family while they are in town for the long weekend. I did manage to get some photos taken of an outfit that I wore this past week to work thanks to Matt. Sometimes I have a hard time taking pictures of what I wear because when I have field work I normally wear jeans and a t-shirt or long sleeve shirt. I know that sometimes I get dirty and there is no need to get my nice clothes dirty. So here it the outfit that I put together.

(Cardigan: Old Navy,  Shirt: SO at Kohl's, Skirt: Unknown, Flats: Target)
 I decided that I wanted to have some fun and try some jumping pics. I realized that I need to learn to jump higher and Matt needs to get better at working with the camera. Hopefully we both can get better!

Have a great Friday night!!! Go out and do something fun!!!

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