Friday, May 13, 2011

Park Time

Oscar loves walks and going to the park. This morning I decided that we would go to the park and walk since it gets boring and repetitive to walk the same route everyday. We jump into the car and head to the park. Before we even park, Oscar is whining to get out of the car and run around. One of his favorite things is to chase the birds that are along the trial; he needs to get better at sneaking up on them though.

It was great to get outside this morning especially since the past couple of days the weather has been so bad with snow, rain and wind. It was actually warm enough this morning to just wear a sweatshirt and track pants.

It seems that all of the plants and been stunted this year because the spring weather has been so unpredictable. The weather is cold one day and hot the next day. The leafs are still small on the trees and the grass is just starting to fill in and be completely green. I am so ready for summer.

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