Monday, May 16, 2011

Rainy Weekend

So the weather the past couple of days has been pretty dreary. It has been rainy and cold out. I mean it is May and doesn't that normally mean it is suppose to be sunny and getting warmer, but that is not the case here.

In any case, I got all prettied for the boyfriend for a night out in Cripple Creek. You know play some blackjack, slots, and get lots of people watching in (yep, I am a people watcher). But just my luck on a night I get out of some sweats and a tee, we ended up not going because Matt got off of work too late. We end up inviting some people over to play some Wii, eat pizza, and drink some drinks. The night ended pretty early for me because I had a little too much to drink. At least, Matt and his friends had fun the rest of the night. (Jacket: Wet Seal-thrifted, Button up: J. Crew-thrifted, Jeans and Flats: Target)

 This is what Oscar thinks about the outfits. It just gives hims the yawns!!!!

 Saturday night was spent at the baseball field. The Sky Sox were playing the Storm Chasers and we got the tickets for almost free. The game was slow because both of the pitchers were not doing very good and the score by the 3rd inning was 6-6. The weather was miserable due to the fact that it was about 45 degrees out and by the end of the first inning it had started raining. By the time we left, two hours into the game, we are soaked and cold.

(Matt and Jake, my brother, are always cheesin' it up in the pictures. I can never get a good smile out of them.)

The rest of the weekend was spent inside with the exception of me taking Oscar for a short walk and both of us getting really wet. The weekend ended great because I got to spend more time in my sweats and tees and with the boyfriend. Looks like more rain this week so hopefully I won't have to work out in the field too much. Time for bed. Night everyone!

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