Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Dog Tale

Oscar and the Bicycle
Before my bike was stolen last year, Oscar and I used to ride around. He would ride in the basket that I got him. I know what you are thinking and no we don't look like the Wizard of Oz. But after the bike was stolen, he didn't get to ride around anymore and I think he kinda missed it. When my brother got back from school, he gave me his old bike. I was so excited because I was so bummed last year when my bike disappeared.

(Last year with the old bike.)

Yesterday, I get the big idea that I will take Oscar down the dirt path that we normally walk and I will ride my bike and Oscar can run free next to me. So I let Osc off the leash and he starts to run next to me while I ride my bike. He runs around some but as I start to pedal faster he begins to chase me. He runs next to my pedal and tries to bite my shoes and pants. I am afraid that I am going to run him over so I stop and pick up Oscar. I put him in my shirt and he pops his head out of the neck hole with mine. I am holding Oscar in my shirt with one hand and with the other I am trying to steer the bike. I have to look quite crazy with this dog up my shirt and attempting to ride my bike so I am glad that no one saw me. Right before we get home, I put Oscar down on the ground and I ride while he runs. Maybe at a later date we will try the whole Oscar and the bike again, but to keep both of us safe I will just go on bike rides alone for now.

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