Monday, November 28, 2011

Getting Closer

(Shirt and Jeans: Thrifted, Flats: Target, Scarf: Shop in San Fran, Earrings: Charolette Russe)

Wow the weekend seemed to go by fast and slow at the same time. Thrusday thru Saturday flew by but  yesterday seemed to drag on, which is ok with me on any Sunday! This weekend I got most of my wedding invitations done and some other wedding things figured out. Wedding day is getting closer. Only 4 months from Wednesday and it will be here. Also, Matt and I put up the Christmas decorations up on Saturday and then yesterday we put up light on the house. Matt home=more lights on the house. I even had to run to the store to get more!

How was your Thanksgiving and the rest of your weekend? Did you put your Christmas decorations up yet?

Again, I am participating in Two Birds Inspiration Monday! I love Jessica Alba's simple chic style!


  1. i love that purple scarf! and your jacket in the first photo is so cute. it looks warm but still chic! good for you for getting your wedding invitations done. way to take advantage of the long weekend! i was so lazy. ha!

  2. I like the pinstripe detail in your shirt - it just adds a little something and is so flattering on you!

  3. This is my favourite take on this look so far! I do like your purple scarf- it stands out so nicely in the pictures

  4. Hi! The scarf looks fab! Superb colour.
    I haven't put up any decorations yet, I think that'll happen in a few weeks.
    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog, it's always nice to hear from someone new :-)

  5. this inspiration is so you, your scarf looks lovely , what a beautiful color! The jacket fits you like a glove, and looks cute too.


  6. StealMyStyleNovember 29, 2011

    You have such a great smile! Love that blue scarf on you--or is it more purple? Either way it's great! I can't believe I haven't put up any Christmas decor yet....hopefully soon:-) You should post a pic of your house with lights on it!

  7. great pop of color with the scarf! and I really love your top! :)