Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Totally Confused

(Shirt/Dress: Forever 21, Leggings: Ross, Flats: Target, Sunglasses: H&M)

When Matt and I went to San Francisco, I had to go shopping because they have some many more stores. I had never been to a Forever 21 and had only bought some of their clothes from the online store. I walked in and was in love with a lot of things. Many of the things that I liked were out of my price range, but I then stumbled upon a couple of sale racks where I found this shirt or dress. Sale racks are normally the first spot I go because my clothing budget doesn't allow for full price clothes most of the time. For normal people who don't have a long torso, it would be a dress and that is what it is suppose to
be. For people like me (I am not afraid to admit it "I have a long torso") this so called dress is more like a shirt. I love the colors in this shirt/dress.

Matt takes majorty of my photos and he doesn't take it serious. He takes crooked ones and ones that catch me doing the most random thing. He thinks it is funny and sometimes I don't. But I love him anyway!

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