Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Field Day

(Shirt: SO at Kohls, Cami: SO at Kohls, Pants: Thrfted, Flatts: Target, Sunglasses: Essi Eyewear)

I try to get out of the office at least once a week to get some things done in the field. This usually requires me to wear jeans and a t-shirt since I don't know what kind to stuff I will be getting in to. It is a good thing that my job allows its employees to wear just about whatever they want. If I really wanted to, I could come to work everyday looking like this but I choose not to. Plus, I don't think tromping around in the weeds and walking a couple miles in a skirt and heels would be very comfy.

I get to start my weekend early this week. I have the next 4 days off for my best friends wedding. Tomorrow is the beginning of the excitement and I am ready for it.

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