Thursday, June 9, 2011

Flower Power

(Blouse: Old Navy, Skirt: Thrifted, Belt: Thrifted, Flats: Target)

I wore this outfit to work last week on a pretty warm day, but the darn wind never seems to stop blowing. I haven't been able to wear big flowy skirts because I am afraid that wind will catch it and every one with see my undies. That would be super embarrassing. Matt told when that the blouse is a little too country and I should be wearing it with a pair of jeans and boots. I think different and actually loved this outfit. My hair on the other hand looks pretty horrible. Guess that is what I get for it being the end of the day and a windy day!

I am still getting used to wearing a ring. I still stare at it from time to time thinking it is going to disappear or something. 

Goodnight everyone! Hope that you had a great day today and an amazing day tomorrow.

Sweet Serendipity


  1. Popping over from thriftaholic link up, love your floral shirt!

  2. How adorable are you?! Cute thrifted pieces, those thrifting saving money habits will come in handy as newly weds :) Thanks for linking up to Thriftaholics Weekly. Hope to see ya next week.