Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hot Hot Hot

(Cardigan: Target, Shirt: SO at Kohl's, Shorts: Old Navy, Sandals: Sonoma at Kohl's, Watch: Target)

Man I look extremely tan in these pics or at least I think I do. It would make sense that I look tan granted that I got a spray tan the day before. These pictures are actually from last week right before the wedding. I only wish I was still that tan but it never seems to last (looking good) for a few days. I know I am posting these pictures a little late but this is a perfect example of what I would wear on a typical weekend. Not too dressed up but not my normal sweats and t-shirts and it is perfect for running errands, which I was doing all day that day. Plus it has been pretty hot here lately with temps in the 90s the last couple days.

I am in love with the way the mountains look here! So pretty with the clouds in the sky.

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