Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What I Like...Wednesday 7/13/11

Accessories is what it is about this week! I just ordered some jewelry from Forever 21 and I can't wait for it to get here. Here are some pieces I found that were great.

1. I am not a big purse or handbag girl. I haven't changed the purse I am using for almost 2 years now. But this clutch caught my eye. I really like the embroidery on it.

2. This feather necklace is great. I like that it is metal feather and not an actually feather. Plus it only cost $1.50.

3. These earring are super cute and would probably hang down and hit my shoulders.

4. I really love wedges right now even though I have a couple pairs and never wear them. These wedges are so different than the other pairs that I have.

5. The green wood planks are so cute on this necklace. It would be a great necklace to wear with a tee shirt and jeans to jazz it up the outfit a little.

6. These boots are great. They would be great for the fall and the winter. A good way to keep your toesey warm when it starts to get chilly out.

Have a fantastic rest of your Wednesday! I am going to finish watching Damages and then going to bed.


  1. wow you're a good girl, you've been using the same bag for 2 years? I need to do that too, I really don't need so many bags. I like Forever 21 accessories, I go giddy when I'm in the shop


  2. I have a Timbuk2 bag that I love even if it isn't too fashionable. It is very functional. Everytime that I use a new one it just doesn't feel right.