Thursday, July 14, 2011

Work Wear

(Blazer: Ross, Tank: Old Navy, Pants: Old Navy (not shown), Flats: Target (not shown)

Pretty sure that Thursdays are my favorite day of the week because it is my last day of work for the week. That's right I get a 3 day weekend every weekend! As you can see by the background of these pictures, I was at work (see the map and intersection bad instersection drawing) when I had to take these with my phone. They are not the best quality but that is ok since I wasn't going home right after work to have Matt take some pictures.

Hopefully my workday will go fast so I can go spend time with my love and Oscar.


  1. Send that sun right over!
    Love your blazer =) So cute
    Style in the City

  2. wow! I want your job! That's a cute pokka dot blazer and red ruffle top!