Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wedding Planning, Part 3

Cake Edition!

(All cakes above seen on

I am in the need to get a cake for my wedding. I know I still have a while to get a cake but I thought I would share a few that I like. For the wedding, I know that I want a simple 3 tiered cake with white frosting (because I am not a big fan of the taste of fondant) and a bit of color on it i.e. a ribbon, dots, and/or flowers. The colors of the wedding are green and orange. So I think that a green ribbon with orange flowers would look beautiful or may just the flowers with dots as a border on the bottom.

As for flavors, I love a good chocolate cake or even a lemon cake. I know that Matt isn't too picky and will like anything that I pick out. But maybe I will give him a little bit of say!

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  1. Aw...these cakes look absolutely fantastic, who cares if they are edible..haha.. Green and orange is great color combo. I'm feeling so excited for you. Happy planning your wedding!