Monday, April 2, 2012

Living In Yellow Guest Post

First things first I should probably introduce myself.
My name is Erin and write over at Living In Yellow. I like to keep things light, funny, and real. Which really just results in me opening myself up to sharing all of my finer awkward moments in this life with you all. You can learn everything you need to know about me and more over here. Today Cristi asked if I would speak to you wonderful people about anything marriage related. Naturally, my first thought was “How not to murder your spouse..” But then I remembered she is about to be a newlywed and she really doesn’t need to know these things… Yet. So then I thought “Maybe I should just share a little bit of marriage advice…” Which really translates back to “How not to murder your spouse”. Before I begin, I will state that I have been married to my man going on 6 years now and I love him dearly.
He is also pretty hot so I keep him around ;)
Here we go. 1.   Let’s face it. You are a girl. He is a guy. Meaning you are two different creatures. Congratulations on being the girl {you are way better off}. Girls typically clean up after themselves. Guys don’t. Girls like to spend money. Guys don’t. Girls cry while watching chick flicks. Guys laugh in your face. Embrace these differences. Throw his clothes in the yard after a week of sitting on the bedroom floor. Hide your credit card bill. And smack your guy when he starts laughing mid cry session. He will soon learn. 2.   Don’t buy a California King size bed. You will feel like you are miles apart. This is not conducive to the newlywed lifestyle if you catch my drift. 3.   You each need your own time to do your own thing {Hello reason number 36 why I blog}. Go out with the girls on occasion. Have him go out with the guys. Have your own individual hobbies. But do not spend TOO much time apart. Make it a point to go out just you two. Alone. 4.   Speaking of going out on dates, make sure to do FUN things on those dates. Dinner and a movie can only take you so far. Experience new things together, travel to places you have never been, eat something you have never tried. This is how you continue to learn about one another. You may think you know everything about your spouse until you take him to the zoo and find out he is deathly afraid of giraffes. Without that zoo adventure, you would never know what a pansy your spouse is. See what I mean? 5.   And last but not least..Choose Your Love-Love Your Choice. Easy as that. I could obviously go on, and on, and on, but will do you a favor and stop. Marriage is a beautiful thing peeps. You are going to have ups and downs….{which is why wine was created}, but as long as you have more ups than downs, I’d say you’re doing pretty well. Congratulations Cristi on your upcoming wedding. I wish you a beautiful life together. What advice would you give to Cristi? Tell her below. It will be fun ;) It will also be fun when you come visit me over here. Can’t wait to get to know you better!

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  1. I agree with everything Erin said...especially the line, "Choose your love. Love your choice." Love this post!!!