Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fashionable Adventures of Bethie the Boo Guest Blog

Hello there!  I’m Beth from the Fashionable Adventures of Bethie the Boo.  I’m so thrilled to come here to Live A Lot while Cristi’s away on her wedding and honeymoon (congrats Cristi!) to talk about my own wedding and marriage thus far.
I’ve been married to my husband N, who has a silly nickname on my blog of The Pants Monkey, for 6 years this May.  We’ve been together as a couple for the last 14 years.  So needless to say, we hardly remember life without each other at this point! 
Our wedding day was May 27th, 2006, a Saturday that fell over Memorial Day weekend.  It was a beautiful, sunny, HOT day.  I believe the high temperature went up to 95 degrees that day.  It has never been that hot over Memorial Day weekend since then!
It was everything I wished it would be and more, though there were moments that I look back on and laugh – such as the air conditioning quitting right at a quiet and reflective moment during the ceremony and my wedding coordinator quickly (but not so quietly) walking to the back of the church and up the stairs in heels to go turn it back on.  Or having a mini panic attack when we were done with the receiving line and the limo was still not in front of the church, borrowing my hostess’s cell phone to call him and find he was just around the corner in the parking lot.  And my personal favorite, getting a little let’s just say “tipsy” with my wedding party between the ceremony and reception and spilling the beans to my maid of honor that her boyfriend intended to propose to her in the very near future.  Despite those moments, I remember smiling a lot, dancing, laughing and falling in love a million times over with my husband over the course of that day.  It was a fairytale come true.
We honeymooned in our favorite vacation spot in northern Minnesota – Itasca State Park.  Then we came home and were blessed to start our life together in a house not far from either of our families.  We still live there now and have slowly been fixing it up as we are able.

Our marriage has had its ups and downs as any marriage will – it’s perfectly normal.  Because you know what?  Nobody is perfect.  We’ve had to deal with unemployment issues, family issues, and financial issues in the last six years, but for every difficult moment we’ve endured, we’ve had triple that in wonderful ones.  We always come through the other side of a challenge stronger and better for it. 
There is no one in the world I’d rather share my life with.  We have a running thing in addition to saying we love each other, that we say “you’re my favorite.” to each other.  He is my favorite, my rock and my best friend and I know that no matter where our life journey leads us, it will always be better because of him.


  1. Awww I love this post Beth!!!!! I think everyone's wedding day contained it's quirks-in the middle of our ceremony my husbands cousin who was about 7 yrs old at the time decided it was totally appropriate to come up to the pavillion we were getting married under and start "hugging" (well it was more like another H word) one of the trees yelling I LOVE YOU was so so very awkward but we all couldn't help but laugh and we even have a wedding party photo where everyone is hugging trees, I love it. Xo Lori

    PS Congrats Cristi! I can't wait to read more of your blog when you get back!

  2. He he thanks Lori!!! And yes you are right - every wedding has it quirks, and those are the stories that are the most fun to tell years later! Hilarious about your husband's little cousin! And awesome that you all hugged trees!

  3. jamesgould72April 07, 2012

    You 2 are sooo adorable

  4. so pretty Beth! You look gorgeous! Very lovely post.


  5. That's so cute Beth! My husband will tell me I'm his favorite person from time to time...I think it's one of the more sincere things to be told. :)