Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Wedges

(Jacket: Old Navy, Sweater: via Kohls, Shirt and Jeans: Target, Wedges: Steve Madden via DSW)

After sitting in a car all day yesterday, I was glad to spend the night at a hotel in Nevada where we could get some gambling done. Of course I didn't wear this in the car all day; I actually wore this last week and forgot to post it. I got these wedges about a month ago and decided it was time to wear them. I came to the realization that 1.) I suck at wearing any kind of heel, 2.) I am way taller than Matt and 3.) They work perfect with these skinny jeans and would look great with flares.


  1. you look perfect in this skinny jeans and wedges combo, so sleek and chic. I like your color combo too, the coat looks fabulous with the green sweater. One of my favorite outfits of yours. Have a wonderful new year!


  2. Gorgeous wedges!! They look like they have some pretty serious soles too. I hate when you get new shoes and the bottoms are all slippery- they are hard enough to walk in as is!