Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Honeymoon Options

(Shirt: Thrifted, Undershirt: SO via Kohls, Leggings: Walmart, Boots: GoJane)

Wedding day is approaching fast! Matt and I are still trying to determine where we want to go for our honeymoon and how long we should go. Right now the options are Hawaii, Jamacia, or the Bahamas. We are going in April and it will be great to go to somewhere with warm weather and a beach after going though a Colorado winter.

Do you have any suggestions? Somewhere warm would be best.
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  1. great shots of you! I love the colors, your shirt is really colorful, looks great with boots and leggings. Your wedding sounds really exciting! Let me see...nice beaches? Bali? Maldives?


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  2. Hawaii is beautiful! I grew up on Kona on the Big Island. My parents still have a condo right across from the beach where I used to go body surfing...they rent it out now since they spend most of their time in Montana but keep it to escape to!