Thursday, May 3, 2012

No More Tights

Sweater: Old Navy (similar)
Skirt: Swapped (similar)
Tights: Target
Flats: Target
Belt: Thrifted

Since moving, there has not been a day where it was cooler than 70 and humidity less than 50%. I guess that is what you get when you move to Kentucky. This outfit would not work for the place I live right now in April. But April in Colorado can be a different story. I wore this during my last week of work when it was a cooler day with almost no humidity. With living here, my tights have officially been packed away and waiting for cooler days again.


  1. cute colors cristi, pastels and brights always look great on you. I like how the nice slim belt looks on you and it compliments the black skirt and shoes really well!


  2. and hurray for warmer weather too!